Sunday, February 13

Drill weekends.

As much as I might dread or complain about drill weekends**, they do have their positive moments.

I only say dread because I hate being away from my babies that long and it is extra work getting things ready for a sitter and what not. But I take privilege in my duty to serve my country and I enjoy working with the men and women who serve also. I'm grateful for everything that serving as done for me as well, like building my confidence, giving me a sense of fulfillment in doing something to serve others and my God. Not to mention I met my hubby while serving!!

But there is a certain anxiety involved with drill weekends. I'm with my kids pretty much 24/7 and these weekends interrupt our routine and therefore puts the kids in weird moods for us to come home to after a full day of working. In summary, it's good but it's stressful.

But I am thankful for several things besides the privilege to serve:

1. My lunch break is usually spent with hubby and we get to have a mini date two days in a row usually!
2. I get some adult interaction, an opportunity to be productive outside of the home and make some extra $$.
3. My hubby and I get to enjoy and get a laugh out of the hilarious things our daughter says and does. For example, we'll imitate her and say words the way she says them, the toddler version, if you will. And it helps us appreciate and just miss her and her brother like crazy!!

So even though there are dreaded things about drill weekends, they have their pluses too!

I honestly don't know how you working {outside of the home, that is} mamas do it....

** Drill weekends are the one weekend a month duty hubby and I do to fulfill our commitment of being enlisted in the Air National Guard.

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