Thursday, February 10

This week, better then the last

So far this week is going much better than last week. Although it wouldn't take much to make that happen. Sick kids are no fun :( 

I think we are all pretty much over it now. Except for Little dude's stuffy nose at night time... that makes it hard for both he and i to sleep.

We hubby finally was able to get the blinds put up in Little dude's room! So now I'm comfortable putting him in there to sleep. Except I'm not. He's been in our room for almost four months now {really hard to believe, seriously. time is going by too fast!!} and I've rather gotten used to it.

I don't remember the transition for Little Lady being this difficult, but she was also sleeping {10 hours straight} through the night by 6 weeks old!! Nope, not Little dude. He loves to eat in the night still. It doesn't appear that he'll be giving that up any time soon either... {He has recently bumped it up from 2x to 3x now}. Yeah, thats been fun.

Back to our week though, it's been busy. Which is a good thing. Hubby took Tuesday off and we spent some time together as a family {to make up for the week he had been gone.} This included 'adopting' fish for our tank :D, which Little Lady throughly enjoys and has befriended them nicely. {I love easy pets!}

Yesterday was back to work for hubby :( but we had friends over to play and to discuss a book I'm reading with a couple of other mamas! It's going to be a great time and I'm looking forward to all the growing as a parent and as a child of God I'll be doing in the next few months while we digest it all.

The rest of the week holds activities too, and then drill weekend... So off to get showered & dressed!

Hope your week is going great so far. Keep warm, where ever you are!

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