Monday, February 28

Birthday dinner

Last night hubby took me out to dinner for my birthday. :) My birthday isn't for another week but next weekend is a drill weekend for us so he planned it early. He took me to a place niether of us have ever been to before called Cool River. And the best surprise was it's 5280 week here in Denver and we didn't even know it!

If you aren't familiar with what 5280 week is allow me to explain! It's actually a 14 day event that lots of different restaurants in the Denver area participate in. Each resturant offers a multi course meal and we each get an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert and it's only $52.80 for a couple {$26.40 for a single}. most of the restaurants that participate {including Cool River} would easily cost twice that much for have the amount of food!!

The idea behind it is to encourage people to try the different restaurants that they might not otherwise try and at an affordable cost. I love that they do that and we are making plans to try a different place every year!

So about our meal. It was so good! We started out with a Southwestern Crabcake and it was so tasty! Next we had their III Fork Salad that was apple slices, candied pecans, and blue cheese crumbles on a bed of greens and a light dressing mixed in. It was good, but not my favorite. For our entree we both chose the Coffee Ribye. I know it sounds weird with the coffee but I can assure you it had no coffee flavor at all! Our server explained to us that it's actually the rub they use and it's mixed with brown sugar to cut the bitterness. It locks in the moisture and makes the steak really juicy! Yum! It came with a delicious serving of garlic mashed potatoes and fried onion strings. The steak also came with a tangy BBQ sauce over the top of it. And for dessert I got the cheesecake and hubby got the chocolate cake!

It was a wonderful birthday dinner and a most enjoyable evening out with my man! And when we got home I got to open my birthday present...
It's a Nikon Coolpix S4000! And It's a pretty plum color!!

Just what I asked for... and more! I just wanted a small digital camera I could carry around and get good pictures of the littles. And he got one wthat has video too! I am so spoiled blessed!!!

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