Friday, February 18

Little Lady {19 Months}

Sorry, no pictures this time... :( This month has just crept up on me! I plan on shooting some photos this next week so stay tuned!

Clothes: You are wearing mostly size 24 months or even 2t, depending on the brand.
Shoes: You are right between 5 & 6. You LOVE to wear boots. You have two pair!
Diapers: You are still wearing a size 4. We've been talking about going on the potty more but I don't think we are quite there yet.


You just LOVE books! You love to "read" them and pretend to spell the words! We have started reading 3 book before bed time and nap time. You get to pick them out and you often chose to read your Bible! I love that you already have a desire for God's word.

Words/ phrases:
  • Lately you love to say 'Mmm, tats good, mamas!' when ever you are eating something. It's so cute! 
  • And you like to identify everything by who it belongs to, ie 'Mamas towel', 'Dadas cup', or 'Bubbas bib'. And because of that I think you are thinking our names are all plural because when you want me you call me 'Mamas' and daddy is 'Dadas', as in 'Hi Mamas!'
  • You always tell your brother 'Uh oh Bubbas' when he spits up or is drooling and then proceed to wipe his mouth with what ever you can find the quickest: his burp rag, his blanket, a sock, etc.
  • 'It's at?' {What's that?}
  • You are saying so many words now and are usually able to communicate verbally what you want or need. Even though your words aren't always really clear and most people who aren't around you all the time might not recognize what you are saying. But I do ; D

Everyday is a new challenge. Somedays you aren't hardly interested in eating anything, just drinking water or juice. But then every couple days or so we can hardly keep food in front of you all day! I'm still working on getting you a variety of foods but that is hard because you still don't eat veggies or much meat of any kind. I heard from another mama to try offering food at your meal times and if you don't eat what you are offered then I take it away, with out re-acting in any way, and then you have to wait until snack time to eat again. Snack time has to be healthy food though, like fruits or veggies! I have had some success with getting you to eat more than just cheese by only giving you cheese once you have had something else.

You are really into coloring and you love your bath tub colors. You decorate our bath tub in a beautiful array of colors every night!

You love to 'sing' the ABC song with me!

You still take a nap once a day, usually around 10:30 or 11a and sleep for about 2 hours.
You have come to be more cooperative at nap and bed time again. We let you CIO for several nights and that was hard! But I know you are old enough to understand that it's time for bed and maybe you had figured out that crying kept mama and dada coming in. But now our bed time routine involves us telling you with each step that bed time is coming. And I think that helps you. 

Character traits:
You are one passionate girl! I am choosing to call it that {as opposed to dramatic} because I think that will help us encourage that trait in a more positive way. And I think that is a trait that God has gifted you with! Passion is a great thing when it's directed towards God and in line with His will. My prayer is that you will use it to please Him all the days of your life. I love reminding myself of the beautiful things that passion can be used for to further God's kingdom, especially when that drama passion is showing itself in a very strong and testing way! Even the littlest things become the end of the world... But we love you!

Discipline is still an issue as your daddy and I are learning how and what it means. After recently starting to read "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp I have come to the realization that every thing we do when it comes to leading, teaching and directing you that the heart of the matter is pointing you to your need for Christ. That has really helped me focus my objectives when it comes to handling your behavior. At the end of the day, no matter what choices you or I make, I want to know that you know clearly who you are, who God is and that you and I both need a Savior. And that Jesus is that Savior.

This is the verse we will be praying for you specifically this month.
"Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other."
Isaiah 45:22


Kym said...

Precious, precious little lady! (Just like her Mamas!)

Kym said...

Precious, precious little lady! (Just like her Mamas!)


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