Tuesday, April 19

Boy or Girl?!

No, we aren't pregnant!

But Angie & Nate, some great friends of ours, are having a baby sometime in August! And they had a fun party on Saturday evening to reveal and share the gender of the baby with us!!

All the guests were instructed to wear either blue or pink, depending on what you think the baby's gender is. The couple had their ultrasound last week and had the ultrasound tech write down the gender and put it in an envelope. Then they had a cake made with the cake part made with either pink or blue cake {depending on the gender}.

Hubby wore purple because he is so competitive he hates to be wrong {blue + pink = purple} he couldn't decide on one gender!

He is a silly guy and I LOVE him for it!

More party guests:

Little Lady was so excited to wear her tutu!

The daddy-to-be with Little Dude.

Loved the hat!

Beautiful mama-to-be, guessing boy!

Glenn went with the Elmo look, which Little Lady LOVED, but he was team boy, too.

Scott and Jessica. :)

Barry and Kari. :)

Even the parents-to-be's sweet puppy Murray had a say!

So much delicious food.


Jessica grilled the BEST chicken. YUM!

The cake!

And the results were.....

. . .

. . . . .

Mama-to-be was right!!!!

Sweet Baby Flynn is going to be a BOY!

Congrats to Nate and Angie, 
we can't wait to meet your little sweetheart!

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