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Little Lady {21 months}

*Alternately titled 'Catch up and Check ups!'

Happy 21 months, sweet Little Lady!
Hard to believe that you are only 3 months from turning 2! Here is the latest...

Clothes: You are still wearing size 2t. I'm glad that your growing has seemed to plateau for the time being, it's much easier on the budget!
Shoes: You are right between and size 5 and 6. And from what I've heard, toddler feet keep growing fast, even if their bodies slow down.
Diapers: Your little buns still fit into a size 4. Will you be potty trained before you go up a size? We'll see!

Books: You love your books, all of them! Right now you are more in to 'reading' them yourself than having us read to you. It's very cute to see you make up your own words and then say the words you know based on what the pictures are. But I do look forward to having you let me read stories to you again. I know this is a phase.

Words/ phrases: You are so vocal these days and I'm always amazed at the phrases you use or understand! You are the cutest smarty pants I know! Some of your frequent says:
  • When you hear your brother crying in a different room you say "Uh oh, bubba wake!" even if he wasn't sleeping.
  • "ke-fo" {Careful} as you pretend to fall down or is doing something that mama is usually telling you to "to be careful."
  • You're putting ownership to everything, and I mean everything! For example at dinner you will point out "dada's cup, mama's cup, Evie's cup, dada's plate, mama's plate, Evie's plate..." and on and on. I love watching you figure things out.
Food: I don't really know how to get you to try a more variety of foods. I offer you every variety of things that I can think of but you just don't eat very many different things. Seems like it's just the same few things. I've heard that part of it is the stage of life you are in, that food is one of the very few things that you feel like you can control in your life and you are testing that out. I've gotten to the point to not make a big deal out of it. If you don't eat what I offer you then I will offer you a banana or some applesauce and if you don't want that then you are done and no other snacks or food until the next meal. So far I haven't found that it encourages you much but you aren't starving yet and you must be getting some nutrition because you are still growing!!

Activity: You know and can identify all your capital letters. You know most of the numbers 1-10 and will count things up to three, for example "One, two socks" and "One, two three blocks" as you point to the object and say the number. You still love tea parties and even more now that Nana brought you a table and chair that's just your size. You are doing a lot of imitating of mama and dada lately too. Especially in the area of mothering your stuffed animals. You 'change their diapers', put them to bed, and I've even seen you 'nurse them. So cute to see you exploring your mothering instincts.

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a recent favorite and you would sing Rock-a-bye Baby all day long! You like to do your own version by singing 'Evie Rocky' or 'Bubba Rocky' or even 'Froggy Rocky' while you sway back and forth. It's very sweet, especially when your brother is crying and you want try and help soothe him.

You still take an afternoon nap everyday. It's shifted to being later in the day and you sleep a little longer too, about 2-2.5 hours! When you wake up I'm usually about to start fixing dinner and that makes for a happy girl.

Character Traits:
Just last week, you started showing a new side of your personality. It's almost like an embarrassed, shamed puppy look. A mix of that and hurt feelings look. And I'll be honest, it just about breaks my heart to tiny pieces, especially if tears follow. Depending on the context determines how I try to respond outwardly. If you are reacting to getting in trouble then I try to hold my ground and not show a response if possible. I don't want you to get the idea that you can use it get what you want. But if I unintentionally say or do something that hurts your feelings, I do my best to stop what I'm doing and make it right with you, if that means I apologize then I do it immediately. 

Discipline continues to be a challenging thing in parenting, especially being that you are our first child. I think that may be the case for our parenting lives, at least in generalities, with you. Of course there will be variations based on personalities with you and your brother and other possible siblings. But for the most part you are the one we are figuring out things with. And it can be hard. Really hard. I wish is was more black and white. I mean I know that the Bible is clear on discipline and I'm so grateful to have that guidence. It's just that we are sinners dealing with a sinner. And I mess up and that is hard because I want to do right by my kids, setting them up for a healthy relationship with Jesus. But God is good and His grace is teaching me just as much, if not more, than what you are learning! 

Every day you are more of a little girl and less of our baby, but you are such a joy to have in our lives and we love you more than we could ever comprehend!! Happy 21 months, sweet baby little girl!

And for the 'Check up' part of this post:

Little Dude had his 6 month check up on Tuesday and I wanted to post his stats.

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz {15% - 1 lb 12 oz gained in 2 months}
Height:  25.5 in  {20% - .5in gained in 2 months}
Head: 16 7/8 in {25% - 7/8in gained in 2 months}

Little dude is a, well, little dude! He's healthy and he is growing though!! All I have is to compare him to Little lady and he just seems so small. I think she weighed 15 lbs at 4 months!! But his pediatritian isn't concerned. 

He did give us the lecture about starting solids because we haven't done that yet but I'm not too worried about it. Little dude hasn't been that interested in it really and he doesn't sit up very well yet. I'll probably start cereal in the next day or two and go from there.

The only other thing that is note worthy is that Little dude is a little bit behind in pushing up on his arms when he's on his tummy. He will just balance on his tummy and hold his feet in the air and use his arms to reach for things, he just isn't interested in putting weight on his arms yet. I really do think that it has more to do with his laid back personality then it does anything else. He just isn't in any hurry for anything! He's just like his daddy ;) I'm perfectly content with him staying put for as long as possible. Plus he just seems like he is still my baby boy!!

And now I think I've said all I can say!

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