Monday, April 25

Sickies, sickies go away!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, in spite of the dreadful sickies that wanted to hang around our house.

It started last Tuesday when Little lady woke up with a 104 deg fever. Hubby called in to work {my life saver} to stay home and help me since I haven't been getting hardly any sleep at night most nights. Mostly because Little dude rolls over in his sleep and wakes him self up, he hates being on his stomach and it makes him mad, then he's awake. :(

Any way, where was I?

Oh yeah, the fever. We gave Little lady some Tylenol and her fever would come down for about 30 min before it spiked back up to 102-103 deg. We spent most of the day laying around and hubby and I took turns holding her. She wanted to be held the whole time and slept most of the time in our arms.

She still had a fever on Thursday but hubby went to work and we made it through the day which was much like the day before, but with a lot more crying because she still wanted to be held all day but I still had a Little dude who needed my attention. {Here in lies the hardest part about being a parent of two littles,  at least in my opinion. One is sick and wants to be held, one is a baby and needs to be held.}

Some how we made it to Friday and by this time her fever had changed to 99-100 deg and I held off from giving her Tylenol unless she was too miserable. The fever usually broke on it's own but then would be back just several hours later. I was confused and frustrated that it kept coming back. I was ready to have a healthy, happy little girl back.

Friday night I was hopeful that Saturday would be a new day with all fevers gone. Saturday morning proved to have it's own agenda and we quickly realized that Little lady was experiencing a first not one I was looking forward to write in the baby book.

She had her first ear infection. :(

I am so grateful that our pediatrician's office is open Sat. mornings for this very reason. We called once they opened and got her in. They gave us a prescription and we went right to fill it and get our girl on her way back to good.

Saturday night we met hubby's cousin and family at our church. They are looking for a church in the area and we loved showing them ours! We hope they decide to come back too. :)

Sunday we had a laid back morning and enjoyed hanging out the house mostly. Hubby finished making his traditional Easter cheesecake {from scratch! And SO bummed I didn't get a picture :(} and then we headed over to some friends house {Sheryl & Glenn's, aka Lolli & Pops!} for the rest of the day.
The edible birds nest no bake cookies I made! 
We had a blast with so much great food, great company {I think there was 20 or so there!}, and great games and fun! These friends never disappoint for a good celebration and they always go all out. I'm really bummed that I didn't get more pictures. Maybe I can get some from the others who were better at taking pictures.

The tournament board, designed by Jaeson Fricke.
One of the games that is always played and is a really big deal is the Egg Tournament!
Hubby with his egg and his game face!
Everyone gets a hard boiled, colored egg and after the tournament order is decided two people face off. They collide their eggs together across a white table cloth and who ever's egg loses ANY peice of it's shell first is out and the other person advances to the next round! It's so much fun and it gets so crazy competitive {to include a surprise raw egg!} that there is always a LOT of laughs to be had!
Carrying around her candy bag :)
This year Glenn added a new game... Where he pulled out the big Nerf guns and had each dad take a turn to shoot and knock down a stuffed animal from the banister above the living room. Sounds strange, but it was a fun and unique way to keep the guys involved! Even if it was "all for the kids!"

Among these 'grown up' games there were many eggs hidden around the house for the youngins to hunt and plenty of sugar and candy to give all the kids sugar comas for the rest of the evening!

Even though there was an attempt to ruin our weekend with the sickies, fun prevailed!

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