Monday, April 4

A new chair!

Today Little lady received a gift in the mail!

Opa and Oma got her this chair. She was so excited!

Up to this point she would always try to make a chair out of what ever she could find. For example, her play table, a box, her brother, etc. Whatever she found fitting for her hinny!

But now she has her own personalized rocker {yes, it even rocks!} and ottoman. And she looks so darn grown up! I can hardly stand it :)


Kym said...

That chair is AWESOME! And the shoes are Mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous!! Love you all and will see you in 3 days!! Mwah!

Bubbies' Mom said...

Nathan has that chair but in brown. My mother-in-law sent it to him. He loves that it rocks and has his name on it! It is a nice sturdy chair!


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