Sunday, April 10

Happy Dedication Day!

Today we dedicated Caleb at our church. We dedicated Evalyn the day before her first birthday last July so I think we are getting better by doing Caleb's just before his six month mark. {Read why we dedicate or babies to the Lord.} I told hubby that maybe with the next one we'll go straight from the hospital to the church and have the baby dedicated first thing! :D

Not that it really matters, we have dedicated our children to the Lord before they were even born. But the public statement and accountability from our church family is what is important to us with this act of obedience.

We planned to do it this day because my mom, Nana, is here visiting and she likes to be there for this dedication, to stand with us and commit to helping support us in raising our babies unto the Lord.

Yesterday us girls went to a local shopping center and got cupcakes to have today and celebrate our joyous occasion! Of course we will never turn down a reason for delicious cupcakes!!

We have been having fun with Nana while she visits. We always hate to see her go.

Me and my girl.

The wind was so strong, they were trying not blow away! Can you tell?!

Enjoying a mini cupcake with Nana. Yum!

Doing puzzles. Puzzles are very popular at our house!

She can identify all the letters of the alphabet and match them up on her puzzle board!

 And some dancing, of course!

 Little Lady, just absolutely adores her Nana and has asked for her by name the whole time she's been here! They are best buddies. :)

Nana is pretty fun, if I do say so myself!


Jaclyn Zornes said...

Jeremiah is being dedicated May 1, yay!!! :-)

Kristy said...

I love Evelyn's top and pink pants!


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