Sunday, September 25

Branson Trip: Silver Dollar City

We've been enjoying some time away as a family {+ Nana!} in Branson, MO. Our experience here has made us fall in love with the 'South'. We didn't even realize we've been missing hospitable, kind hearted, friendly people until we encountered them at every possible turn. In general, the people here seem to still care about ... well, people. It's hard explain really, it's just a feeling of family that you get and it's been refreshing!

Besides all that, we are enjoying some fall-ish weather, good company and tasty food. Our first full day spent here was at Silver Dollar City. Such a fun place to go with the family! {Note to self: wear walking shoes, it's hilly.} The landscape is gorgeous, trees every where. In a couple of weeks all the leaves will be changing color and I'm trying to figure out a way to transport myself so I can see it! I love fall time of the year!

Even though we didn't get to experience the colorful leaves on the trees, they are having their Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City and the decorations made me crave hot apple cider somethin' fierce! They had scarecrows and pumpkins on display. And so much more. We really enjoyed just being there. We love that it's a family friendly place and they aren't ashamed of their faith in Jesus! That goes for most of Branson as well.

Here are some pictures from our day at Silver Dollar City with explanations below.

{From left to right}
1. Little Lady posing with a scarecrow. Her adorable piggy tails rarely last long...
2. Little Lady and Nana rode the carousel. Little Lady named her bear 'Go fast' but he didn't listen, apparently.
3. Little Lady waiting at the train depot to ride the choo choo. We are really into choo choos right now. Really into them.
4. Little Dude with daddy. He is Little Dude's preferred person at the moment. All day long he says 'Daddy' and it's really pretty cute how much he loves his daddy. :)
5. Little Lady covered in sticky, gooey mess but loving every second of her 'ya-yee pop!'
6. The littles having a rare moment of sharing something good time on the ladybug!
7. I might be slightly obsessed with little wooden rocking chairs and would desperately love to find one at a steal of a good price!
8. Some people just can't follow the rules and must pay the consequences... but not these two, they're just having fun! :)
9. Can't resist a good photo-op with my three four favorite people!! {Thanks Nana}

We can't wait to bring our littles back to Silver Dollar City someday!!

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mom2tictacs said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I have never been to Branson/Silver Dollar City but it looks like fun. Love the family pic, super cute! You look great btw :D


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