Thursday, September 8

Met my match

This pregnancy I've been craving any and all things spicy {at least once the heavy sickness wore off}. I'm not usually a big fan of spicy foods, a little spice was ok but only occasionally. And if I did have something spicy, it was very mild. So mild some wouldn't even call it spicy at all!!

Ever since I gained more of an appetite {aka. I started the second trimester} all I want is spicy salsa or hot buffalo sauce. In fact if I even catch a whiff of buffalo sauce I start salivating!! It's crazy, and my heartburn and acid reflux are not really appreciating... But I can't help it, it's the only thing that sounds good most of the time. One time I ordered boneless buffalo wings that made hubby teary just from smelling them and I could have sworn that their was little to no spice in them at all.


I think I've met my match.

I like to call 'him' Senor Tapatio, he is my spicy friend! Wow, my mouth is on fire!!

**And yes, I did just write a whole post on my spicy cravings...

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