Wednesday, September 14

Little Dude {11 Months}

Your a month away from being a year old and all I can think about is the day and hours before you born. These past 11 months have flown by and it's been so fun to see the little person God created you to be.

Your growing so fast these days and your into 12-18 month size clothes. Just in time for fall!

You have two teeth on your bottom gums and one {almost 2} poking through on the top. I just loved your toothless grin, but then those two little teeth on the bottom came through and I couldn't help but smile when you showed them off. You are going to look so grown up with the ones on top added to your handsome smile!!

Finally you are a mobile man! I am loving having you crawl and be able to entertain yourself. And even better... you can play with your big sister! Nothing is more warming to my heart these days than to see you two interacting, laughing and playing together. You adore your sissy and watch her and sometimes even try to do what she is doing. It's so adorable. I'm praying you and her continue to become close friends.

You still are mostly on a bottle and baby food diet. I think you have a texture issue because most solid food, even soft foods, cause you to gag and sometimes get sick. Maybe as you get more teeth and learn to chew your food things will go better for you.

We've been practicing sign language for some things, you almost have 'milk' down. That is, we need an alternate way for you to communicate besides making demanding grunting noises while slapping your leg or throwing your head down between your knees and squealing. Yes, I've birthed a cave man you have a bit of a temper.

This temper has also been known to cause vicious hair pulling, hitting and biting. In all seriousness, We are seeking the Lord in the best way to discipline the behavior. I'm afraid if we don't handle it now it will just get worse and we want the best for you.

Your daddy and I will continue to commit you to the Lord and seek His will for your life and how to raise you up to be a man of God. We love you with all our hearts.

Less than one month is your birthday party!

Love you baby boy, your mommy.

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Nana (aka Mom) said...

He is quite the little man! And he sure looks like his lil sis in some of his pics! Can't wait to have a blast in 5 more days! Woo-hoo! Love to you carefully. (I know, I will--just because I said that!) :oP


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