Saturday, September 3

Today is the day

Even though he is still determined to pull himself up when ever he can and prefers standing to any other posture, today is the day our Little dude is officially a crawler. Today he finally figured out and gained the courage to go forward several paces while up on his hands and knees! Then he plops down on his belly and then he'll just fuss and try to squirm his way to where ever he is try to go.

Of course I know that him being mobile is potentially more 'work' for me, but I am so excited for my 10.5 month old to be on the move! As my belly grows and bending over to pick up anything, let alone 18 lbs of pure cuteness, is becoming more of a challenge each day. I'm excited for him to be more interactive with his overly active big sister. And he is just so darn cute when he is determined!

We are so proud of you, Little Dude. And we love watching you grow and develop every step of the way. Happy crawling day.

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