Wednesday, January 27

Favorite things

Dear Cupcake,

You are the sweetest thing ever. I have been truly enjoying the time I've gotten to spend with you in these last six and half months. The last month has been especially exciting, watching you change and grow at such a rapid pace! Your little personality is coming to life.

Right now you are my life! We get to spend everyday together and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. The transition has been a little rougher than I thought it would be, going from a job outside of the home to being a full-time stay-at-home mommy. But the rewards now and they ones yet to come will make up for that and more!

I want to tell you a few of my favorite things about our time right now.

Your laugh. It's infectious and I can't help to smile when ever I hear it. It comes pretty easy these days, you are a happy baby! I love when I'm putting you down for a nap and I'm holding you in my arms to bounce you to sleep, when I lean down to kiss your sweet, soft cheek, you giggle and it makes me giggle. We go back and forth a couple times and just want to eat you up cause you are such a sweetie.

Your curiosity. You want to see, hear and do everything! You reach your hands out to feel and/or grab everything you see. You watch your hand as you open and close a fist and just study your feet as you rotate your ankle in circles. Today when we ran to the craft store for somethings, I let you sit in the cart for the first time {without your car seat} and you took everything in with a huge smile on your face. It really was a whole new world to you!

Your happy personality. Just yesterday at the store the sales clerk was talking to you and you gave her the biggest smile and chuckle! She asked me, "Is she always this happy?" and I told her yes! you sure are! I love to set you down in front of our closet door mirror and watch you get a kick out of your 'friend' on the other side! It's pure fun and entertainment for you hours.

These are just a few of my favorite things about you and our sweet time together.

I love you cupcake!

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