Wednesday, January 13

What is 'Bold Blogging?'

This isn't the first time that I have {in my humble opinion...} blogged boldly. There have been other times that I have written about my faith {here and here are a couple of examples}, and not to mention my opinions on vaccines and breastfeeding.

But lately I've been asking myself the question What is bold blogging?

I really started thinking about it after this fellow blogger wrote this and then in response to that blog another fellow blogger {and reader of the first fellow blogger :)} decided to start doing this.

So the conclusion that I have come to is that for my personal bold blogging {I know that everyone's bold blogging could look very different} it means that I will speak boldly for the things of the Kingdom of God. The things that I know to be truth. Those things which the Lord is working out and through in my life and in my relationship with Him. I hope that it will encourage me to seek Him in His word and all that I do everyday of my life! If my bold blogging is able to encourage, exhort, minister or simply speak truth to someone else in the world, Praise God!

But what I don't want bold blogging for me to be:

1. My opinions spoken as fact. Don't get me wrong, the truth of the Gospel message is, to me, indeed fact and I will proclaim it as such as long as I'm living on this earth. But things not pertaining to salvation of souls, I don't want to push those kinds of things.

2. Condemning or judgmental. Again, if anyone feels that my proclamation of the gospel message as being true is condemning others or judging anyone, then they have missed the true meaning of the message itself. Jesus came to bring Life and to bring it more abundantly! He spent His time with the sick and hurting people so that they would know that there is more than this painful and sickness stricken world.

3. Not honoring or giving all glory to God. He is the only one worthy of praise! And one day every knee will bow and acknowledge Him as Lord. I want to do that now!

So I ask of you, dear readers {all three of you!} to please keep me accountable and if you believe that I have done any one of these things in my future of bold blogging, please speak up and let me know. I pray that I will have a humble and soft heart to hear you out and respond accordingly, in a way that also brings glory to God.

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Kingdom Mama said...

Wonderful! I agree fully w/ your definition and hope to honor it myself.


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