Tuesday, January 5

A ray of sunshine

It looks like there may be hope on the horizon!!

So... while we have been dealing with sleep issues on the surface, it seems the culprit of our stolen hours of slumber was buried a little deeper.

Our cupcake has pretty much always been such a laid-back mellow baby. But these last two weeks had us thinking that we were turning another corner of our little girls personality. She was constantly fussy and in need of someone to entertain her. Just not herself.

While we had a house full of company for Christmas, E gradually started eating less and less than she usually ate. At the time I just assumed that it was the distraction of everything going on, that she just wasn't used to it.

Then her sleeping started to become disturbed, with wakings from every 1.5 -1 hrs through out the night. She would wake with a cry, almost seeming to be in pain and we would only be able to sooth her with a bottle. At first she would drift back to sleep while finishing the bottle. But as of late, she would instead by wide awake and to get her back to dream land involved about 30-45 min of bouncing. I would be able to get her sleep in my arms, but even then as soon as I laid her down in her crib she would wake again.

With that issue, being that I was exhausted and anxious to get back to sleep myself, I would just bring her into bed with us and she would sleep... but only until the next fussy waking would make it's appearance. A vicious cycle to say the least.

What really began to be the brutal part for me is that on top of my obvious frustration and stress, I was becoming more and more sleep deprived. These to combined were causing me to feel resentment towards little cupcake and that is not acceptable. It's not her fault, and I know that she was obviously feeling the effects of it all as well, with her being more fussy and all.

I finally started unraveling the mystery when I realized that E was struggling to have a bowl movement and was only having one every other day... ah ha! It finally hit me {isn't it just dandy that looking back it seems the solution should have been more obvious much sooner?!}

We switched to soy formula about a month ago and ever since then her stools have become like a thick paste {sorry if this disgusts you, something about becoming a mom that seems to strengthen you stomach} and she wasn't passing even half the amount as before.

Hello! I don't know about you but I know if I am constipated, I don't really feel like eating... With her eating less it's no wonder she would wake up to eat through out the night.

After I got the idea that this could be the issue we drove down to Babies'R'Us to get the milk version of Earth's Best formula. We came home and she drank a bottle without issue and soon after had a bowl movement {which I think was already in the works, doubt the new stuff worked that fast!}. It wasn't too long after that...

And cupcake had a TWO hour nap! If only I had know that she would sleep that long {and not the 30 min or less naps that she's been fashioning} I would have partaken in a nap myself!

Not only did she nap great, but she is now in bed. Sound asleep. With out a peep! {YAY}

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