Sunday, January 3

I'm in love!

With my new Beaba Babycook! It's a baby food cooking/pureeing/reheating/defrosting gift from heaven.

I heard about it from my step-mom {thanks cheri} and found one slightly used on ebay for much less.

This thing makes baby food making a piece of cake. {Well, not really a piece of cake, I wouldn't give cake to my 5 mo ;p } But it's seriously so easy...

Step 1 --> place chopped food of choice in the cooking basket and add right amount of water according to what you are cooking.

Step 2 --> turn it on to cook. {The cooker will turn off when water runs out! Appr 15 min}

Step 3 --> pour out water from cooking into another bowl and put the cooked food into the processor.

Step 4 --> Turn on to blend and add the water used to cook as needed to reach desired consitancy.

Ta-da! Baby food in 20 min. And the parts are all dishwasher safe {and BPA free :) }

I made sweet potatoes and bananas today. Looking forward to the infinite possibilities ahead.

I'm in love!

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