Thursday, February 18

7 Months

Today you are 7 months old, sweet baby E!

I can't believe how much of a little person you have become. Can we say "strong willed"! That you honey! I guess you were destined to be considering you have two parents who are pretty stubborn themselves. But we love that about you and although it can and will be a challenge we know God has made you that way and He will use it to His Glory.

So what have you been up to lately?

We've been going to Gymboree for the last month and you are finally starting to interact more instead of just sit and watch taking it all in. When we started you hated going under the parachute... Who can blame you though, I didn't like going under it when I was little either! But now you do just fine under it!

You can go from sitting to all fours and you sit there on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. It's like you're getting ready... Set... Just waiting for the go! Won't be too long I think!

You are such a good eater. You love avacado, mango, peas, sweet potatoes, apples and just recently tried hummus. You loved the hummus, I thought you were going to bite my finger off cause I couldn't get you more fast enough! You enjoy a teething biscut every now and again you can eat small, soft foods like peas or chunks carrots or noodles.

You stil don't have any teeth! I'm a little surprised but they will come when they're ready. Since you don't have teeth yet I'm afraid to give you too much whole foods dice you just swallow it whole!

You like to try and pull yourself up and the stand on your tippy toes while holding on! Your balance is still shaky but you'll get it. You LOVE to bounce!! You've loved that since the beginning but now you can do it yourself and you would do it all day long if you had the energy! We get you a doorway jumper and you just jump and laugh and havE the best time!

I think you are going to be musical. When ever there is music on or someone singing you kind of hum along and do your own version of singing. If we put in a video or watch a tv show you could careless, but they start singing or play music then you are eyes-glued-to-the-screen!

These last seven months have been the most busy, frequently changing, and most if the time tiring. BUT...

They have been the most rewarding, loving, and full of joy! You are our greatest joy!

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