Thursday, February 4

A day in the life of...

... a mama and her Cupcake!

Today is our first day of our weekend long 'bonding' adventure! It really hasn't been that different from a usual day since Stud Muffin is at work during the day {although he works a later shift and so we spend the mornings together}, but this evening and through the night will be the real challenge.

So my plan is to stay busy and wear this little one out in hopes of maybe getting some quality sleep tonight.

This morning we got up and headed straight over to Babies'R'Us for their "Great Trade In" event. It's where you can take in your used car seat, high chair, crib, etc. and trade it in for a discount on a newer and safer version! Although I am quite certain that the high chair we got at a garage sale before Cupcake was born is safe enough, we decided to take advantage of the sale and get a new one! I also fell in love with this one because it's actually four seats all in one! And we can use up to three at any one given time {for those future baby cakes... TBD at a later date}!

After our trip to our favorite baby store we headed right over to JoAnn Fabrics, our favorite craft and project store!

Cupcake enjoyed being big enough to sit in the cart with out her car seat and she helped me shop.... ok so she really just entertained herself with my scarf mostly!

When we left JoAnn's Cupcake fell asleep in the car so mama enjoyed a Dr. Pepper from Sonic while she took her nap.

Next we headed over to the Subaru dealership and waited for the car to get it's oil change and 15,000 mile servicing.

We played while we waited... This is E growling while she holds her toy in her mouth! She cracks me up :D

That's our day for now... We'll spend the afternoon at home playing and just relaxing! Got a few projects that I'm looking forward to working on... if I can just find some free time! ; D

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