Thursday, November 18

....Days til Christmas!

Just 36!!

I'm still in shock that next week is Thanksgiving, let alone that Christmas is just a little over a month away. It's probably the unseasonably warm weather we have been having. That and having a newborn kinda makes the days run together anyway. :)

Speaking of the holidays coming up, that means Christmas cards and shopping!! I do love this time of year and all the fun stuff going on. But sometimes the to-do list can get hectic and overwhelming, at least it does for me.

I'm determined to enjoy this years holiday season and not let the time fly by and leave me only with memories of chaos and busyness. That includes doing some online shopping from the comfort of my own warm and cozy home.

One place I'll be shopping is at Shutterfly! They have a huge selection of Christmas cards to choose from, the problem for me is having to choose because there are SO MANY cute ones. Right now I'm really considering these unique story type cards:

I think it's creative and fun to use the card to summarize the highlights of our past year. What a great time of year to reflect on the reasons to be thankful and also remember the hard times that no doubt taught us a few things.

They also have great gifts that are personal and so sweet! From photo calendars, ornaments and mugs, they have a lot of great looking gifts for those sentimental people on your list. My grandmother loved to order these kind of gifts and even had a picture put on mouse pad that has made it's way into my mama's hands since my grandmother's passing. These gifts are timeless. :)

Another special gift would be a photo book.

I had one of these made earlier this year for Little Lady. I made her a memory book of pictures from her first year and it turned out great. She loves it!! They are so easy to make using their templates and all you do is pick the pictures you want to use and the text you want, if any for each page. They come in soft and hard back as well as different sizes and you pay by how many pages you end up using. I highly recommend these for grandparents or even for your kids to remember their favorite memories!!

Happy shopping everyone!

P.S. If you're a blogger and are interested in getting 50 FREE holiday cards....

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