Wednesday, November 3

This is what it's all about.

Little Lady is going on night number two of a 102 fever. Last night she slept in our bed with us from about 10:30 on. Let's just say she's about the only one who got any sleep...

Well Little Dude slept, but nothing really keeps him from sleep except a hungry belly or the occasional gas bubble refusing to release from within. Thankfully there weren't many of those last night.

And with the fever still hanging around and Tylenol and ibprophin barely taking the edge off, it looks like we'll be having a repeat of last night.

I'm starting to realize this is what motherhood is all about.

Maybe not all about. Of course there are a lot of wonderful easy moments were everything just seems to go right. But we all know that just isn't reality all the time. We wouldn't enjoy those moments if they were.

But then there are the times when one child is sick and needs your full attention. And the other is a newborn and needs your full attention. It's hard, and one of them has to cry for a few minutes even though you just wish God had given you a set of arms for each one.

But these are my babies and I honestly wouldn't trade a minute with them for the world.

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Shannon said...

Hon, I hear ya! There are days where it is hard, really really hard. (Imagine one child is sick and needs your attention, one is a newborn who needs your attention and then add 2 fully healthy rambunctious boys who you have to watch with your full attention). But the hard/bad days, make the good days that much better! Hope E starts feeling better soon :D


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