Tuesday, November 9

One fish, Two Fish...

We waited for baby #2 to come along to decorate and set up the second nursery. We knew we wanted a gender specific nursery, we like that better than gender neutral. But since we didn't find out boy or girl til he was born it meant we would have to wait...

I already knew that if we were having a boy that we wanted to do a Dr Suess theme!! Since we had a boy thats exactly what we are going to do. I don't know if you've ever looked for Dr. Seuss themed nursery stuff but anything thats actually cute is difficult to find. Even just Dr. Seuss themed fabric is rare and when you do find it's expensive!

But we are determined. My husband grew up reading and loving Dr. Seuss books, so after discovering that his favorite all time book from when he was little is "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"thats what our nursery theme for Little Dude is going to be based on. I think its fitting and quite adorable for a little man!

So I went out in search of the perfect fabric to make a crib bumper...

and I found this:

It's actually that t-shirt fabric, I love it! So I'm using the stripes for the out side and a super soft fleece in red on the inside. I'm also going to make a couple fitted bed sheets in blue, hopefully t-shirt fabric if I can find it.

We are planning on painting the walls a light teal/sky blue. On one wall we'll have a friend paint this design on the wall:

And we also plan on having her paint a growth chart on the wall after modifying this:

{We plan to change the signs to say "One foot, Two foot... all the way up to Four foot.}

I am really excited to see the finished project but it will probably be a couple more weeks until it's all finished. We will hopefully be buying his crib this weekend and hubby will have to refinish and do a little repair on a dresser someone gave us! {Yay for free!!}

Of course I'll post when it's finished but I wanted to share a sneak preview. How nice of me, I know!

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