Sunday, November 14

Little Dude {1 month}

You are already 1 month old, my son.

I'm not sure how much you weigh, but you have nearly out grown your newborn size clothes!
You are already wearing size 1 diapers, that means no more itty bitty newborn ones.

During the daytime you're awake for several hrs now and at night you have on 3.5-4 hr stretch and then you're awake every 2 hours to eat. Not at all like your sister who was sleeping much more through the night at your same age.

You eat about every 2.5-3 hours through the day. You are starting to fill out! :)
We introduced the bottle to you for the first time on Friday and you took it like a champ! I wouldn't even bother with it if I didn't have to be away from you for one weekend a month, but right now that's how it has to be.

You will follow an object with eyes if I move it slowly in front of you and you are starting to focus more.

Your nursery is coming along, daddy is finishing up painting today! For now you still sleep in our room in the pack'n'play by our bed.

You already have a fussy time in the evenings, you just seem more gassy.

We love you and we thank God for your little life.

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