Monday, November 1

Monkey Mondays

The last couple of Monday's have been what we have dubbed "Monkey Mondays!"

We found this place called Little Monkey Bizness, it's an indoor play place for kids 0-7. We've taken the Littles 3 times now and it's been so fun to watch Little Lady gain confidence in her abilities as she explores the equipment and tries new things.

The first time we went she was timid and we had to kind of coax her to try out the slides and to go on the equipment. Today we both sat on the side and let her roam where ever, she was running all over all the place and trying things all on her own!

We plan to take the Littles there on Mondays and make it a family activity! We even tell Little Lady it's 'Monkey Monday' and we're going to go monkey around and she makes monkey sounds and gets so excited. :)

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