Thursday, November 18

Little Lady {16 months}

Today marks sixteen months for my sweet Little Lady.

It's so amazing to me to think about how just 16 months ago I gave birth to my daughter and now I have another little newborn. Almost doesn't seem possible!

She is talking so much more these days! Its very exciting. I thought it would be fun to list the many words that I hear from my first born on a regular basis: car, Tree, Shirt, Cool, Cold, Poo, Bible, Shoe, Snack, Cookie, Hot, Sock & the newest word SNOW!!
{She actually says more but I can't think of them at the moment! Also these words don't all sound really clear but she says a sound that associates with the correct object.}

Little Lady loves to play pretend. She'll pretend to cook and eat and even loves to offer her prepared food to others! She will pretend to spray Pam and pour things as well as stir her ingredients together! It's so cute.

Books are a very popular to do in Little Lady's daily activities! She brings us book after book and her favorite thing to do is point at all the images and wait for us to say what that object is. There are two books that get most of her attention:

And the other one is a book of animals that she loves to identify by making the sounds each animal makes. Her favorite sounds to make are a lion, sheep, dog, cat, monkey, horse, owl, and a bumblebee!

Little Lady has already started telling me when she has a poopy diaper by coming to me and saying 'poo' while pointing to her hind end.

Puzzles are another favorite right now. She has an alphabet one and two animal ones and she's getting better with them everyday! And she's doing a great job learning her shapes and practices those using her shapes 'cookie jar' that has shape cut outs and she has to match the shapes and push them through a matching hole.

Mommy and daddy are so proud to have you as our daughter, Little Lady.
We love watching you grow and learn everyday.
You are always making us laugh!
We love you so much.

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